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President Niemiec is asking our membership to FILL THE BOARD ROOM Wednesday April 8 at 1PM for the FY2016 Budget Hearings. Please wear Class C uniform. Bring your family and put them in FRD shirts.

Colin Flanigan Thanks for sending this out! 9 years ago

Happy Easter! We performed some maintenance on the new Local 2068 website today as well as added several features. To make it easier for people to join the site you may now simply click on the Facebook, Twitter, Windows, Linkedn, Yahoo or Google buttons to quickly create your account. You may use these buttons to log in as well. Join the WEB TEAM - email support@fairfaxfirefighters.org

WEBSITE UPDATE: We performed a rare mid-week major software update and maintenance earlier today. A full backup of the site was performed this morning which is quite large due to the number of photos and videos. The website is completely built upon Joomla and we performed the 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 security update. Because of that update, a number of other items were upgraded.