President's Report - 8/1-9.27 2017

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President’s Report
Local 2068
August 1, 2017 thru September 27, 2017

August 1 – 0800 hours, met with our attorney at the Local Office reference an upcoming Civil Service Hearing. 1000 hours, attended and participated at the FEA Office reference the Retirement Coalition. 
August 2 – Attended the Civil Service Commission hearing for one of our members.
August 3 – 0830 hours – Attended a meeting with a county consultant and the SA4FE co-chair regarding qualities requested in the next county executive. 1030 hours – Met with Supervisor Penny Gross concerning the various retirement “rumors” plaguing the county and our membership.
August 6 thru 10 – Attended and participated at the IAFF Redmond/EMS – Health and Safety Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.
August 14 – Made station visits at Fire Stations 429, 402, and 430.
August 15 – Made station visits at Fire Stations 442 and 429.
August 16 – Attended the Civil Service Commission hearing for one of our members.
August 17 – 0930 hours – Met with several IAFF staff members regarding Supervisor Herrity’s attacks on our retirement plans and effective ways to “Fight Back!” 1830 hours – Attended and briefed members at DPSC during roll call about the retirement rumors, the FY2018 budget, getting involved in your UNION.
August 22 – 0800 hours – Attended and chaired the monthly Executive Board meeting. 1330 hours – Attended and participated on behalf of our members regarding an EMS Inquiry Review. 1500 hours – Met with Supervisor Cook concerning our retirement plans.
August 23 – 0900 hours – Hosted a media conference at FS429 for our endorsed candidate for Virginia Governor -Lt. Governor Ralph Northam. Thanks to Brothers Flanigan and Lopez for their attendance and participation. 
August 24 – 1000 hours – At the Local Office. 1900 hours – Attended and participated at a fundraiser for Karen Keys-Gammara.
August 25 – 1300 hours – Attended the FF of Year Award – Congrats Brother George Hahn. 1930 hours – Attended and participated along with several members of Local 2068 – Fundraiser for Ralph Northam in Vienna.
August 28 – 1000 hours – at the Local Office. 1930 hours – went by FS417B to visit with the members and to check on the status of the kitchen.
August 29 – 0545 – 0945 hours– worked the polls at Robinson H.S. for endorsed candidate Karen Keys-Gammara. 1000 hours – Met with FC Bowers about several issues/concerns. 1700 hours – Attended a Fundraiser for Ralph Northam at Bobby Vann’s, Washington, D.C., with Brothers Robert Young and Colin Flanigan.
August 30 – Attended the Civil Service Commission hearing for one of our members. 1630 hours – Attended and participated at the SA4FE Coalition reference our retirement.
August 31 – 1100 hours – Attended and participated at the MDA Kick-Off at FS405C. 1630 hours – Met with Teri Flynn, Risk Manager, and Lisa Marston, Claims Manager, reference Teri’s retirement.
September 1 – 1030 hours – Attended the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider reference the Suicide Awareness. 1400 hours – Stopped in the Local Office to thank everyone for assisting with the MDA efforts. 
September 3 – Out collecting for Fill-the-Boot while on duty.
September 6 – 0800 hours - Attended and chaired the monthly General Membership Meeting, however, no quorum.
September 8 – 0800 hours – Spoke to thank those in the attendance for attending the Behavioral Health Summit at the Dulles Hilton. 1000 hours – Participated in the making of the Retirement Video that was sent out to the membership. Thank you IAFF for all your assistance.
September 10 – Visited Fire Stations 411, 409, and 424.
September 11 – May We Never Forget. 0900 hours – At the Local Office. 
September 13 – 0900 hours - Met with Supervisor John Cook. 1200 hours – IAFF Governmental Affairs Staffer, Shannon Messier and I met with Congresswoman Barbara Comstock at a fundraiser concerning SAFER and AFG Grants. We have Barbara’s support!
September 15 – EOS for Brother Dave Sellers, EMS402B (24 hours). 100 hours – On Telecon with our lawyer and several of our members (BFCs).
September 18 – 1000 hours – Meeting with FC and his administration reference Tuition Reimbursement, at Massey Building, 7th Fl Conference Room. 12 noon – SA4FE Co-Chair and I met with Supervisor Jeff McKay reference the upcoming Oct. 3rd BOS – Personnel and Reorganization Committee Meeting – Discussion on Retirement.
September 19 – 1100 hours – Presented to the recruits at DPSC about joining Local 2068. 1230 hours – CA Martin, Maria Canterbury, and I met to discuss getting TRowe move involved in the community and how TRowe is getting out to the membership. 1530 hours – Meeting with several of the SA4FE Coalition members at the FEA Office. 1900 hours – Worked EOS for Brother Dave Sellers (12 hours).
September 22 – 1000 hours – Met with Teri Flynn, Risk Manager, Lisa Marston, Claims Manager, Jim Brinkley, IAFF Staff, and staff at the IAFF Center of Excellence to discuss Behavioral Health and advanced cancer treatment regimens for workers’ comp and nonworkers’ comp claims for our members.
September 26 – 0800 hours – Attended and chaired the monthly Executive Board Meeting. 1630 hours – Attended and participated at the SA4FE Coalition Meeting at Local 2068’s Office.
September 27 – 1000 hours – Attended and participated at the monthly Uniformed Retirement System Board of Trustees Meeting. While the entire meeting was positive, there was a review and subsequent statement from our retirement systems ‘actuary and I quote – “Your Plan is in Terrific Shape!”

Working Hard for YOU and YOUR FAMILY!

In Solidarity and Respectfully Submitted,