Grievance Director - March 2016

facebook Share on Facebook 3/1 Emails with member regarding termination, Emails and text following up on Captains transfer across shifts situation: regarding leave and days off.
3/3 Multiple emails about member termination with Eboard and HR, Multiple emails regarding Capt.2 promotional exam errors and Step 2.
3/4. Phone call with Nemo going over several issues.

3/5 Emails and administrative issues.  Recruiting emails, mentoring younger members to get involved.  Emails and text with Flanigan regarding upcoming Congressman Connolly Political Action event staffing logistics.  Forwarded email to Comm Dir to help Nelson get access to union FB site.

 3/6 Emails regarding Capt.2 exam, coordination of step 2 meetings.
3/7 Helped member on Light Duty with Corvel issues.  Stopped by union office to drop off recruits money and applications for membership, Phone call with Jason Peterson coordination and strategy for step 3 meeting about pay issues.  Coordination of Step 3 meeting with Barlow.
3/8. 40 minute conference call with attorney and Nemo multiple issues.  Emails about FMLA, Bid system.
3/9 Helped member in getting FirePAC gift.  Phone call with Flanigan, general emails from Kuley about Union Picnic and VPFF Convention.
3/10 Worked 24hrs on M427, updated the station on Capt. Lawsuit, emails about VPFF conference, forwarding info to attorney to prepare documents.  Phone discussions with Member about GM lying to other agencies during reference check.  Forwarded emails to Barlow, Nemo back and forth. admin.
3/11 Collected more recruit application & money
3/14 Attended day 1 of 2 Preceptor Admiration class.  Emails coordinating Gerry Connolly fundraising, impromptu meeting with Chief Gray, about multiple items.  Spoke with HR about FOIA documents.
3/15. Attended day 2 of Preceptor Admiration class.  FirePac admin emails with local office.  Answering member questions about FirePac and gifts "works shirt",  EMS subcommittee meeting Capt2 Joe Merritt volunteered to be Co-chair.  Emails Capt.2 exam grievance.  Had a meeting with Basic training Capt. about possible recruit termination.  Phone calls with Anderson 30 min
3/16 Attended day 1 of 3 Preceptor Training class. Meet again with Basic training regarding recruit testing, calls with Anderson, emails about HR and steps if budget goes through and how that effects step 8 hold.  Phone call with Member about steps issues.

3/17 Supplied breakfast, and attended day 2 of Preceptor training course. Spoke with member about FOIA, emails regarding Step 8 issues.  Face to face conference with member regarding ongoing issues and possible grievances. Meet with Basic & EMS BC regarding recruits. Emails with attorney regarding FOIA.  Volunteered at Congressman Connolly St. Patrick's Day party/fundraiser 5 hours. 
3/18 Attended day 3 Preceptor training course.  Worked on possible survivor CPR picnic, this event could be award ceremony, meet with survivors, recognizing crews, etc.  So many other things I can't remember, busy day forgot to take notes.  I actually yelled at a BC for not properly treating one of our members.  
3/19 Took a personal day
3/20. Call with Nemo, emails about FOIA

3/21. Administration emails with local office.

3/22 Attended 4 hour Eboard meeting, passed out FirePAC gifts to members at the academy. Admin, emails with attorney regarding multiple issues.
3/23 Eboard emails regarding County Budget.  Fire PAC administration and recruitment, one incumbent and two recruits upgraded FirePac, one new recruit added. General admin, prepared GD log for February.
3/24. 24hr M426 B shift, discussed issues with DD, Emails FirePAC admin for 140th Recruit School, Meeting with Kuley. Emails Member regarding Capt2 exam negative response of step 2.
3/25 Attended unassigned Hazmat drill.  Email coordination of step 3 meeting regarding Capt2 exam.
3/26 lots of administration emails.

3/27 24hrs on M426 C shift, Easter Sunday.
3/28. Meeting with FC regarding future preceptor program.  Emails/text regarding Step3, Legislative conference, Text coordination for Step3 the next day.
3/29. FirePac admin, Step3 meeting with FC, Stopped by union office for administrative matters: Recruits FirePac.  Made copies of documents regarding Capt.2 exam.  Phone calls with Nemo.
3/30 Phone calls with Konzcal, Nemo, coordinated meetings for member PIP (perforce improvement plan), more FirePAC recruitment.

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