SAFER Grant Submission and Advertised Real Estate Tax Rate

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The Board of Supervisors (BOS) approved the Fire and Rescue Department to submit for the 2014 SAFER Grant at today’s BOS Meeting.  The SAFER Grant submission was approved as a “bloc” under Administrative Items resulting in the creation of 18 additional positions.  If the Fire and Rescue Department is awarded, the SAFER Grant would be in the amount of $3.7M.  The motion passed unanimously.

As many of you know, the submission and potential award of this SAFER Grant will allow the Fire Chief to place a 4th person on the remaining 6 ladder trucks.  In addition, the 4th person on the 14 ladder trucks will be ALS certified.

The BOS also set the Advertised Real Estate Tax Rate at $1.09 for the FY2016 County Budget – which is the current tax rate. 

While the advertised tax rate suggests maintaining it at $1.09, the Board of Supervisors may decrease the rate; however, the tax rate CANNOT be increased from today’s motion to keep it at $1.09.  The tax rate will be voted on when the FY2016 Budget is adopted on April 28, 2015.

Lastly, the Local is scheduled to testify before the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, at 1300 hours with respect to the FY2016 Budget.  I would like to see a great turn-out from our membership on April 8th – “If you care enough…you’ll get involved!”


John Niemiec

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