Battalion 5 - January 2017

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  • Attended the January General Membership Meeting.
  • Made all the legislative appointments for the VPFF Legislative Conference.
  • Attended the VPFF Legislative Committee meeting in Richmond.
  • Attended the VPFF Board of Directors meeting in Richmond representing Local 2068 as acting Director.
  • Attended the VPFF Legislative Conference in Richmond.  Also coordinated all the legislative appointments, and made sure we had those members from our Local meeting with Fairfax County members of the General Assembly.
  • Am currently tracking 41 bills in the General Assembly that relate to Firefighters, EMS, Fire Prevention, and Workers Comp.
  • Was asked by VPFF President Bragg to introduce I.A.F.F. General President to those attending the Legislative Conference.
  • On the final day of the Conference, President Niemiec, and myself completed the final meetings with our Legislators (both House of Delegates, and State Senators) at the General Assembly.
  • Am currently attending the NCPERS Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.  Where I will be learning their legislative agenda (which closely follows that of the I.A.F.F.) and meeting with members of the 115th Congress.
  • I will provide a more detailed report as to the status of legislation before the 2017 General Assembly after crossover next week.  This will provide more detailed information as to the actual bills that may make it to passage.

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