Battalion 5 - November 2015

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1. Attended the October Meeting of the Local 2068’s Executive Board.

2. Attended the October Meeting of the Uniformed Retirement System.

3. Assisted with the Re-Election Campaigns for Delegate David Bulova, and Delegate Tim 


4. On Election Day I worked the polls for Delegate David Bulova.

5. Attended the November General Membership Meeting of Local 2068.

6. Have been working with Delegate Tim Hugo on two (2) Bills that will be presented on 

Fire Fighters behalf before the 2016 Virginia General Assembly.

7. Attended the November Meeting of the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Retirement 

Association to apprise members of the latest activities within the Fire & Rescue 


8. Assisted with the Election of the New President of the Retirement Association former 

Local 2068 President John Harris.

9. Attended the NCPERS Annual Public Safety Retirement and Pension Conference.

10.  Handled one (1) grievance within the 5th Battalion.

11.  Made one (1) work location visit within the 5th Battalion.

12.  Worked on two (2) presentations on Retirement COLA’s relating to the Consumer Price 

Index (CPI).

13.  Attended the November Meeting of the Uniformed Retirement System.

14.  Attended the November Meeting of Local 2068’s Executive Board.

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