Battalion 5 - September 2015

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1. Attended the September Executive Board meeting of Local 2068.

2. Attended the September meeting of the URS.

3. Am currently assisting one member in the 5th Battalion with a personnel issue.

4. Have continued working with I.A.F.F. District V.P. Bill Romaka with federal legislation in Washington, D.C.

5. Have assisted 4 retirees with issues concerning their retirement.

6. With a member of the Virginia General Assembly I am preparing another piece of  legislation to be presented to the 2016 Virginia House of Delegates.

7. Have been assisting my assigned Delegate for the upcoming November General Election.

8. Am currently attending the V.P.F.F. Educational Conference in VA Beach.

9. Am currently working with both Democrats, and Republican members of the Virginia General Assembly on legislation that was passed during the 2015 General Session, and must be re-heard again in the 2016 Session.

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