Battalion 5 - July 2015

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Tom Simcoe: 

  • Attended the June Executive Board Meeting
  • Attended the June Uniformed Retirement System Meeting
  • Have been assisting I.A.F.F. 1st District V.P. Romaka with lobbying efforts with the U.S. Congress on the 9/11 Zadroga Re-Authorization
  • Have been working with a member of the Virginia General Assembly on upcoming legislation which will come before the 2016 General Assembly Session.
  • Have been working with the Local President and V.P. on endorsements for the upcoming elections in November, 2015. This will be for the Board of Supervisors in Fairfax County, and the Virginia General Assembly.
  • I have been working with MDA Director Joel Kobersteen, and the Station Commander of Station 405 on a presentation for the September MDA Kickoff.
  • Have made one station visit.
  • Currently have 2 disciplinary issues within the 5th Battalion.
  • I have been researching, and been in contact with 2 retired members of Local 2068 on issues with the Uniformed Retirement Board.

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