Battalion 5 - May 2015

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Tom Simcoe: 

  • Attended the April Executive Board Meeting of Local 2068.
  • Attended the April Meeting of the Uniformed Retirement Board.
  • Attended the NCPERS Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA with Local President Niemiec, and I.A.F.F. 4th District Vice President Taylor.
  • Was unable to attend the May Meeting of Local 2068 as I was still attending the NCPERS Annual Meeting.
  • Attended a meeting in Washington, D.C. with President Niemiec, and newly elected member of Congress Barbara Comstock.
  • Made a visit to the South Side Apparatus Shop.
  • Made a visit to Fire Station 422 (A-Shift).
  • Attended the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Retirement Association May meeting.
  • Attended the NEPC Annual Client Conference in Boston, MA.
  • Attended the May Meeting of the Uniformed Retirement Board.
  • Have been working on upcoming Federal Legislation indorsed by both the I.A.F.F. and the F.O.P. with Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s Staff.

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