Battalion 4 - January 2016

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> December 31st- meeting with Andy Pantelis, candidate for IAFF 4th District

> January 6th- General Membership morning meeting. Meeting included briefing on the County Exec proposed FY2017 Budget. Afternoon meeting with S/T Kuley and AFC Caussin discussing topics within Business Services which included issues at FS and the Urban Engine Project.

> January 12th- grievance consult with member in Battalion

> January 19th- participation in Stress Training scenario facilitated by MIT Laboratories. The goal was to determine the need for Stress Training for Fire Service personnel. MIT and FRD training division will be moving forward with various training concepts and tools. This is great news for the membership as MIT has access to funds and resources not normally available to the fire service. Stress Training is number 1 on MIT project list and we should see some exciting results over the next several years.

> January 22nd- Urban Engine Project- final meeting with AFC Caussin, AFC Johnson, DFC Ruwe, Capt Betz and MTech Upchurch. Worked out the final details on the design. Urban Engine specification is moving forward going to purchasing by the end of the month. Next step will be to plan/schedule engineering meeting with the manufacturer. This will occur this Spring. Final delivery for Engines is typically 9-11 months from date of order.

> January Eboard meeting moved to Feb 2nd- discussions included endorsements for IAFF and VPFF upcoming elections. IAFF 4th District endorsement deferred by President Niemiec until March. Other items of substance included a motion by the board to support an immediate plan of action and resolution for the members at FS regarding issues related to the kitchen. Briefings on the Urban Engine Project, website use and capabilities and FirePac gifts also covered.

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