Battalion 3 - February 2016

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  1. Attended the January eboard meeting, postponed until Feb 2.
  2. Attended the February general membership meeting on Feb 3
  3. Attended the February eboard meeting on Feb. 23
  4. Healthcare insurance issues with 3 retirees.
  5. Healthcare questions with members.
  6. Working with LiveWell group (My Cigna Program) and Craig Lueke to help
  7. inform the membership with various opportunities.
  8. Worked on the Tier 2 PAC Job shirt.
  9. Visited several station soliciting PAC contributions.
  10. Meeting with Sully District Democratic Committee. Event scheduled for February.
  11. Worked with 4 upcoming retirements within the battalion.
  12. Delivered new PAC job shirts to stations in the battalion.  Limited to
  13. specific size shirts at this time.  Signed up new or increased PAC participants.
  14. Supported member with an IA interview.

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